Artist’s thoughts (3)

Rémy Ladoré

« …The work of art therefore offers a presentiment of a reality that we do not see. This means using intuition, which is like the sense of smell for the spirit. One should never give in to tedium when listening or seeing (a work of art). The emotion and the amazement of art should never be dulled. This is the quest for supreme happiness, and it is the fact that we get tired of a work that proves that the artwork is not perfect, because one does not tire of perfection.

…We must share what we create, it is an act of solidarity, at least for those who find happiness looking at it. It’s good to please others, but those who love it do not need an explanation or a justification to appreciate or purchase it.

I never needed the mere words of a critic concerning a piece of music to buy a record or a cassette. If I buy it, it is because I heard the piece, it moved me and I want to hear it again. But I don’t care what’s written about the work. This is the one true attitude to adopt toward art. A person must decide on a work without outside influence. »