L’Amateur d’art

N.L. article published in l’Amateur d’art, march 1989

If there is any one demanding artist who is hostile to the easy way out, but determined to keep his full freedom, Rémy Ladoré is that artist.

He considers drawing and engraving to be among the greatest and noblest of works, as he pursues his art with the faith and love required of true creativity. Everyday Life, women and love are at the core of his meticulous and balanced compositions. Ladoré observes human-beings and couples and transforms into poetry a reality that he reinvents. Alternating between satire, surrealism, and voluptuousness -his couples emanate a constant sensuality- he manages to transmit a strange atmosphere in which the figures are both timeless and seemingly familiar, through the magic of his keen and precise graphic sense and a whimsical, fantastical imagination. A feeling of eternity and sentiments throughout the ages is contained within these baroque images.

The delicacy of his lines is combined with a sure hand. The highly crafted drawings stand out against the bare background; the interplay of lights and darks is mastered to perfection. Ladoré pursues the classical legacy of anatomical science. He brings out a muscle and creates volumes through the use of light and shade.

His engravings, all made with a burin only, are strong yet graceful, and seem to vibrate on the page. Even more meticulously executed and spare than the drawings, the engravings express his spirit for continual research and his exceptional technique.